Do you know under what conditions the clothes you wear were produced?

Do not be scared to conclude that to achieve competitive prices practised by the market, each component is produced in a place of the world with the criteria assigned by each country.

These criteria are not regulated. They change from country to country, and in one way or another we end up being part of a gloomy network that involves pollution, slave labour, child labour, underemployment, exploitation, and arbitrary remuneration.
As a consequence, large global brands dictate the value of labour.

As a result?


> Disrespect to the human being and the environment;

> Water scarcity;

> Pollution of the oceans;

> Landfills full of garbage of synthetic clothes.


There is no global rule to price the man-hour cost.Each country makes its rules and we are accomplices to terrible tragedies.

That is why we chose to work by the UN ODS ->