The Power Shift in the Fashion Industry

"Fashion is a consumer-facing industry, and in this, consumers have real power—power to be vocal about their expectations, by demanding that brands align their environmental goals with science and data and be transparent in this process. It is the only way to address these environmental and social crisis once and for all, because companies listen to what we, consumers, demand."  

A great insight from Harper's Bazaar that is indeed in touch with the reality of the fashion industry, which generates billions of revenue and millions of jobs. It will not stop producing new garments, but must instead adopt responsible production practices. As conscious consumers, we have the power and responsibility to change the current landscape by demanding brands to embrace sustainable practices and purchasing solely from those who do.

Our purchasing decisions and value criteria are fundamental to change the current fashion landscape, where companies continuously create new "eco" or "sustainable" products that are anything but, simply to perpetuate the consumption loop. 

Read the full spread here.
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