The woman behind the brand

Francesca  Giobbi is an Italian-Brazilian self made business woman, speaker, business consultant and mother, with over 27 years of experience in the fashion, beauty and Lifestyle industries.

Her love of fashion took her to Milan where she graduated from the IED ( Istituto Europeo di Design) and began working in the industry as a showroom saleswoman for high end luxury brands such as Versace, Donna Karan, Miu Miu , Jil Sander, Armani and Sergio

She then moved back to Brazil where she worked as a consultant before creating her eponymous luxury shoes and accessories line, focused on merging state of the art technology and traditional Brazilian craftsmanship.


While this experience provided her with valuable know how in the areas of design, marketing and international sales and distribution, it also showed her the harsh reality of how luxury brands outsource production in third world countries, with no respect for human rights, namely those of women and children. This was a turning point for Francesca,  who decided to dedicate her life to creating a more sustainable and ethical fashion Industry, that took care of all those involved.

She spent over 5 years travelling the world, researching and creating a comprehensive archive on the fashion industry, comprised by more than 45.000 pictures and videos, illustrating the truth behind this industry, before creating FreedomeE: , a marketing and sales company with the ability to develop ethical products and services, through a marketplace and global community focused on promoting social, environmental and economic sustainability.


Brands : Prada, Gucci, Armani, Jil
Sander, Donna Karan, Sergio Rossi

Clients : Neiman Marcus (US), Isetan (Japan), Le Bon Marché (France ), La Rinascente (Italy), Harrods (UK), Daslu (Brazil), Fashion Clinic (Portugal),
KaDeWe (Germany), among others.


Founding and Development
of the FG Brand: factory-owned and global sales & press relations


Consultant for international brands: developing shoes between Brazil, China, India and Italy for global street fashion brands with emphasis on the British Market.


Development of ethical and
sustainable solutions for the fashion Industry. Founder of
FreedomeE and “#made4better", both projects focused on creating international ecosystems with companies which promote positive social, environmental and economic