FreedomeE is a fashion-tech platform and marketplace aiming to provide a solution that will dramatically impact the current landscape of the fashion industry, in a positive way.

With fashion being the second most polluting industry in the world, generating not only industrial and product waste, but also social disparity and irregularities regarding human rights and dignity, now is the time to act

We are developing a global community of fashion companies, brands and industry professionals, committed to delivering ethically sourced, quality products guided by a proprietary 5 pillar metric for ethics and sustainability. Our goal is to create a positive impact on the industry by rewarding all those involved (designers, brands, manufacturers and professionals), while providing consumers with access to high quality products, from transparent and reliable sources, at a fair price

Portraying the very essence of FreedomeE, these 5 Pillars are the core principles by which we measure sustainability and the positive impact of each of our partners, according to five dimensions: Social, Quality, Environment, Technology and Economy.

The 5 Pillars


High standards of social responsibility and inclusive practices, committed to: Developing the community; Preserving craftsmanship; Preserving cultural values; Preserving the individual well-being of all involved


Dignify the production process with transparency, consistency and high quality standards in sourcing raw materials, production, design, marketing and sales


Establish sustainable production, logistics, consumption and recycling processes that minimize environmental impact in all phases and sectors of fashion


Development and use of technology to minimize environmental impact and improve the well-being of all consumers and people involved in fashion production


Investing in the development of entrepreneurship in a humanized 4.0 industry focused on sustainable and ethical production, marketing, logistics and D2C sales

Want to become part of the solution?

Creating a more sustainable future for the fashion industry is a challenging task that requires everyone involved in the value chain to take a stand. As such, our vision can only be achieved with the help of Partners who share our vision and commitment towards creating authentic, ethical and environmentally conscious product

We want you to get involved, no matter what role you play as an industry professional! Your designs, brand, product, or services will become part of a project where everyone benefits: you, the consumer and the planet.

For the change to happen we also need to educate brands and consumers, meaning environmentally-focused NGOs and Educational Institutions are also a part of the equation we want to work with!

Additionally, FreedomeE provides new channels for sales and marketing through public relations, a network of vetted ethical style influencers, VIPs and the FreedomeE Club. Each of our partner brands will also be able to sell their products on the FreedomeE Marketplace.

Are you in?

FreedomeE's founder Francesca Giobbi

"The choices you make when purchasing fashion are extremely important to changing the industry for the better. We believe in leading and forging a path to sustainable fashion. This is our contribution to a healthy planet."

Francesca Giobbi, Founder