Light Tones
Light Tones

Light Tones


The iconic and original MaqPro formula that is a must-have in any makeup artist's kit.

 It brings together all the qualities necessary to satisfy all users, whether professional or private:

- The tones can be easily mixed with each other, using MAKE-UP MIXER as a binder or diluent, thanks to the vegetable and mineral waxes that compose it;

- Can be applied in transparency or in a thicker layer, according to the amount of Makeup Mixer used. The greater the amount of Makeup Mixer, the greater the effect of transparency;

- It remains 12 to 15 hours without transfer;

- Waterproof when used together with a MaqPro powder;

- Does not harm the skin thanks to the incorporated beeswax derivatives, which provide hydration and protection against external elements;

- Provides a luminous reflection due to its generous and intense mineral pigments that reflect light, instead of absorbing it, like traditional cosmetics;

- Pigments dosed to a minimum of 30%;

- Can be used as a versatile product for several purposes: foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, contour and even as a lipstick.


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