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An unmistakable presence of Portuguese Fashion Weeks for over 20 years now, Katty Xiomara is one of the most renowned and established Portuguese designers of recent years. Her unique vision and perception of style, marked by an uncanny maturity, has led her from newcomer to business owner. Highly creative, Xiomara dives in on other areas besides fashion, with commissioned collections for TV, Theater, Music or Dance, some which with a strong social commitment supporting causes and institutions such as the Portuguese League Against Cancer or Associação Abraço. She is also a teacher and lecturer at Modatex in Porto.

Despite having received several awards and recognitions throughout her professional journey, Xiomara has kept true to her principles, without compromising the natural evolution and maturity of her collections. With quality as hallmark of each collection, each garment is made in an atelier by senior seamstresses, whose lifetime of art-honing skills are kept alive through each creation. All while putting a smile on their faces as they realize their active role in society with so much to teach to younger generations and all those willing to learn.

Originally from Cape Verde, Ângela Brito moved to Brazil where in 2014 she created her eponymous womenswear label, focused on empowering women to feel free through fashion and their own individual style. Drawing from the designer’s rich cultural heritage as well as from her life experiences, the collections feature a somewhat emotional, even affectionate design, cemented on clean construction and shapes.

Each garment is an ode to the female body, merging beauty and sophistication with elegance, simplicity, quality, comfort and durability. Carefully produced in her own atelier, each collection exudes quality and is produced in sustainable quantities, selling only online and at a handful of selected retailers.

She is also an active voice for women empowerment and equality, having created the CURA movement, where black women such as herself can share experiences, feelings and become stronger individuals in their personal and professional lives.

Based in El Salvador, Pink Bags is a brand unlike any other. Besides handcrafting every one of its handbags resorting solely to natural fibres and recycled plastic, resulting in outstanding designs with added uniqueness and exclusivity, the brand was created with the sheer purpose of raising funds for cancer prevention.

All profits revert exclusively for Fundactuar, a non-profitable organization in El Salvador aimed at raising awareness and increasing prevention for the two most common cancer types in the local community: breast and uterine cancer. A strong social commitment Pink Bags continues to support, along with preserving the ancestral handcrafting techniques used by local women artisans.

Furthermore, the brand provides free mammography to its employees, further emphasizing the importance of prevention.

Hamethop is a South African based designer handbag label, creating outstanding leather bags with a unique feel. Handcrafted in Johannesburg, the brand employs local artisans to create high quality pieces that elevate its artisanal and cultural heritage to global contemporary standards. The very name of the brand Hamethop means “prosperity of African Culture”.

Designer Tsakani Mashaba draws influences from Ndebele symbols and patterns, merging local techniques and culture to create sophisticated, luxury pieces, evocative of contemporary art. By doing so, Tsakani is not only able to perpetuate her rich culture, but also bring a positive impact to the local community, as she works with local pensioners and suppliers on a slow fashion approach. Each piece takes time and passion to create.

From Africa to the World.

Women’s lingerie and underwear may serve a very functional purpose, in both protection, posture and support, but its perks go way beyond that. The right lingerie provides women with a sense of well-being and sexiness, a first step towards building self-confidence and self-esteem. With this in mind, Brazilian label Madre Gaia set out to deliver the ultimate women’s lingerie.

Each set is handmade from 100% certified organic cotton, meaning no pesticides or chemicals were used in its production, thus greatly reducing the environmental impact on soils, local communities and of course, the end consumer. Additionally, no chemical dyes are used in the creation of their prints (only water-based vegetable dyes) and the strap rings are made from natural materials such as coconut.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Madre Gaia is also an active voice on the subject of body diversity and inclusivity, creating dedicated styles for all body types and advocating self-love and acceptance. They write a number of body positive articles on their blog, providing advice for women with all types of bodies.

Toliva is a Brazilian based label focused on creating sustainable handbags from locally sourced and reused natural materials. Each bag is entirely handmade using traditional artisanal techniques, such as hand embroidery, turning each piece into a unique work of art. This results in a unique combination of luxury and sustainability, where the social community plays a critical role.

Toliva employs local women, provides them with the necessary tools to learn a sustainable trade and empowers them to become active and independent members of their local community. The outstanding techniques they learn contribute towards creating a truly exclusive product, which embodies a very human aura passed on by its maker.

Descending from a long line of artisans who devoted their lives to mastering leather craftsmanship, Mulieri aims to perpetuate this unique art. Based in El Salvador, the brand goes back to its roots to cement a brighter future for its community, where the know-how passed on through generations can ensure a means of employment for local artisans, old and young. Passionate about the beauty and unique traits of natural leather, Mulieri believes in creating timeless accessories and footwear that will outstand the test of time, thanks to the outstanding design and durability of their raw material. Each design is thought-out to prioritize efficiency, so almost no waste is produced when it comes to the hides. Additionally, Mulieri promotes a safe and ethical working environment, ensuring fair wages and equal opportunities for all its employees. Wanting to give back to its community, the brand also works with local youth detention centers, promoting a second opportunity to youngsters through a re-integration program. Marking their new beginning as included and spiritually fulfilled individuals, Mulieri gifts them a pair of white shoes.

Born in Venezuela and based in El Salvador, Maria Teresa Valderrama creates exquisite jewellery designs that compliment and empower every woman who wears them. Made by women for women, each piece materializes the unique female beauty and sensitivity, visible in the delicate, yet complex designs. More than an accessory, each creation aims to awaken emotions in its wearer, instilling a sense of happiness and well-being that ultimately translates self-confidence and empowerment.

Based in El Salvador, Geraldine Garcia is a luxury womenswear label with a unique philosophy, delivering exclusive clothing and accessories for discerning women, who are not afraid to show their personality and individuality through fashion. The label allows women to express themselves through unique prints, asymmetrical cuts and unexpected volumes, achieving a perfect balance between daring and understated. Besides ensuring fair working conditions and career progression for all employees, generating positive social impact in the local community, Geraldine is also a strong supporter of migrant and refugees' rights. She donates part of her revenue to RAICES Texas, helping to protect their rights, interests and integration in society.

Lunar is a responsible South African womenswear brand focused on creating unique designs resorting to the utmost sustainable materials. Since its inception, over 21 years ago, its focus has been on creating garments that feel as natural as possible, both in fabric and design, while pioneering principles of fairtrade, sustainable business practices and eco preservation. Understanding the critical importance of these concepts, Lunar works with local craftsmen, artists and artisans, providing them with fair working conditions and promoting the economic development of the local community. It also aims to leverage what nature provides, using materials that demand the least human interference possible and natural dyes with little to no impact on the environment. Linen, hemp, bamboo, silk and organic cotton are but a few of their privileged raw materials.

Donado believes a women’s bag is an extension of herself, accompanying her every step of the way and carrying her most important belongings. The Columbian label works with local artisans to create versatile, efficient handbags that allow women to become the best versions of her selves. With durability and functionality in mind, Donado’s designs are made to withstand the test of time without compromising aesthetics: timelessly trendy one could say. Sourcing local materials and workforce, allows Donado to create new job opportunities and revenue for its community, while preserving its cultural heritage and artisanal know-how.

Based in El Salvador, Ketsali is a family run business focused on creating one-of-a-kind, fully handmade jewellery and accessories. Using solely natural materials, the brand is bringing millennial handwoven and handknitted techniques into the 21st century, through a contemporary approach that makes them more desirable than ever. Furthermore, Ketsali promotes a strong social dynamic by bringing young adults and elder citizens together to share knowledge and experiences, while making them an active part of the local economy. With a truly inclusive work culture, Ketsali employs and provides training to people of all genders, religions and levels of education. The result is a community where everyone is given the same opportunities to generate better income, access health benefits and enjoy ethical and comfortable working environments where they can grow and excel. Ketsali is also committed to educating its employees and community members on the importance of preserving the environment, aiming to incorporate zero waste strategies into its business model.

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