Silver Package
Silver Package

Silver Package




A dedicated Marketing & Sales solution for B2C Brands and Manufacturers.


What FreedomeE Delivers:

Access to sustainability ranking based on FreedomeE questionnaire;

Access to FreedomeE Commercial and Marketing contract;

Management and Payment Splits; 

Marketplace B2B and B2C Sales;

Content Creation on sustainability topics based on FreedomeE's 5 pillars;

Sponsored Ads Management (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin);

Access to a Global Network of ethical influencers and lifestyle partners;

Access to a Global Network of micro-entrepreneurs and dedicated sales team;

Free 1 year Membership of Hera's Global Community and all its benefits;


What we expect from our Partners:

Transparent Communication;

Participation in our 25 weeks of Transparency Campaign (4 videos);

Weekly videos based on our 5 Pillars of Sustainability;

Community creation;

Digital Commitment;


Your investment:

Ads Management: 1.500€

Content Creation: 3.470€

Entrance Fee: 30€

Total = 5.000€




Uma solução de Marketing e Vendas dedicada a Marcas do segmento B2C e Fábricas.


O que a FreedomeE oferece: 

Acesso ao ranking de sustentabilidade com base no questionário FreedomeE;

Acesso aos contratos de Marketing e Vendas da FreedomeE;

Gestão de contas e Split de Pagamentos;

Acesso ao Marketplace B2B e vendas B2C

Criação de conteúdo sobre sustentabilidade de acordo com os 5 Pilares da FreedomeE;

Gestão de Ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram e Linkedin);

Acesso a uma rede global de influencers éticos e parceiros de lifestyle;

Acesso a uma rede global de micro-empreendedores e equipa de vendas dedicada;

Oferta de subscrição de 1 ano da Comunidade Global da Hera e todos os seus benefícios;


O que esperamos dos nossos Parceiros:

Comunicação Transparente;

Participação na nossa Campanha de 25 Semanas de Transparência (4 videos);

Criação de vídeos semanais com base nos nossos 5 Pilares de Sustentabilidade;

Criação de uma Comunidade;

Compromisso Digital


O seu investimento:

Criação e Gestão de Anúncios Digitais: 1.500€

Criação de Conteúdo: 3.470€

Fee de entrada: 30€

Total = 5.000€

Product type


Product vendor


With stocks being one of the major sources of product and economic waste in the fashion industry, FreedomeE strongly encourages a made-to-order approach among all of our partner brands. To minimize waste and build the foundations for a more sustainable fashion industry, we must all work together: manufacturers and brands on the production end and you, on the consumer end.

Pre-ordering your items not only allows its availability, it also allows manufacturers to effectively manage their production runs and create only items which are in fact needed or desired by consumers. To ensure your production slot and the purchase of all raw materials and trimmings needed to create your garment or accessory, pre-orders at the FreedomeE marketplace must be paid in advance.

Estimated delivery date for current items on pre-order is April 2020.

Shipping costs will not be added to your pre-order at this time. However, we will display the maximum value we will charge for shipping an item at the checkout.
If you are ordering multiple items, there may be a chance they will be shipped from different countries. In that event, we will display the maximum value charged for each item per shipping origin. We guarantee shipping costs of pre-ordered items will never be greater than the ones displayed at checkout, even if trade conditions change until the date of shipment.

Despite made-to-order being the main production process adopted by the vast majority of our brand partners, some labels may have small stocks of specific product references from time to time. When this is the case, your order will be dispatched within 2 to 5 working days.

We are currently setting up a network of logistics partners, consisting of transportation, storage and management hubs, which will soon allow us to provide you with the most secure, fastest and cheapest shipping alternatives available in the market. Additionally, the choice of courier and hub for dispatch will allow us to not only speed up the process, but also reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint, by choosing the closest facility.

For the pre-order phase, we currently deliver in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Bangladesh, Panama, El Salvador and, South Africa.


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