Sponsor - Silver
Sponsor - Silver

Sponsor - Silver


A dedicated package for Sponsors or Investors who wish to support Micro-Entrepreneurs Worldwide. 

By offering a Plan to the brand or company of your choice you are making a difference in the life of everyone involved. Below is a list of what you receive by sponsoring a Human 2 Human Economy and what we provide to the company you supported.



What FreedomeE Delivers:

Access to sustainability ranking based on FreedomeE questionnaire;

Access to FreedomeE Commercial and Marketing contract;

Management and Payment Splits; 

Marketplace B2B and B2C Sales;

Content Creation on sustainability topics based on FreedomeE's 5 pillars;

Sponsored Ads Management (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin);

Access to a Global Network of ethical influencers and lifestyle partners;

Access to a Global Network of micro-entrepreneurs and dedicated sales team;

Free 1 year Membership of Hera's Global Community and all its benefits;


Your investment:

50% Product Stock: 5000€

20% Content Creation: 2000€

20% FreedomeE Platform and Network: 2000€

10% Ads Management: 1.000€

Total = 10.000€



Um pacote dedicado a Investidores our Patrocinadores que pretendam apoiar Micro-Empreendedores a nível global.

Ao oferecer um Pacote à marca ou empresa da sua escolha, está a fazer a diferença na vida de todos os envolvidos. Abaixo apresentamos uma lista do que irá receber enquanto patrocinador de uma economia Human 2 Human, assim como o que oferecemos à empresa que apoiou.



O que a FreedomeE oferece: 

Fee de entrada;

Acesso ao ranking de sustentabilidade com base no questionário FreedomeE;

Acesso aos contratos de Marketing e Vendas da FreedomeE;

Gestão de contas e Split de Pagamentos;

Acesso ao Marketplace B2B e vendas B2C

Criação de conteúdo sobre sustentabilidade de acordo com os 5 Pilares da FreedomeE;

Gestão de Ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram e Linkedin);

Acesso a uma rede global de influencers éticos e parceiros de lifestyle;

Acesso a uma rede global de micro-empreendedores e equipa de vendas dedicada;

Oferta de subscrição de 1 ano da Comunidade Global da Hera e todos os seus benefícios;


O seu investimento:

50% Stock de Produto: 5000€

20% Criação de Conteúdos: 2000€

20% Plataforma e Rede FreedomeE: 2000€

10% Gestão de Anúncios Digitais: 1000€

Total = 10.000€

Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, some of partner brands have had to close their stores down, ending up with excessive stock from current productions and collections. As such, and to provide you with faster service, we are currently offering ready-to-order products on select brands. 

Your items will be dispatched from the brand's warehouse, so please check the item description for information on the item's location. 

Items are shipped using the brand's own courier service, please confirm shipping costs at checkout.


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